This blog is my private and personal source of outlet for thoughts, feelings and ideas. This means that it can sometimes get quite straggly, with everything from silly post with inside jokes to political speeches. Be patient if nothing of your interest is poping up. Soon enough I fall back to the other.

This blog gives you a real link back to your site if you comment and write your own site in the address field below the posts. This is really good from SEO perspective. I want to encourage my readers to comment. The correct link (as opposed to the standard of most blogs) is followed by Google and gives your site more strenght in the eyes of search engines. Good stuff for you then. It is required that you leave at least two comments to make it a “follow link”.

Obviously the comments open to everyone, and you can be anonymous if you so like. I reserve the right to edit comments that violate Spanish law. Hopefully I will not have to do it. If your comment does not appear immediately, it is likely that you enter two or more links in the text, and then ends up in a spam filter. I have an eye on it and as long as it is sensible, relevant links, your comment will be approved as soon as I come here next time. It’s usually someone once per day.

If you want to post or write something on this blog, feel free to contact me and I am sure we can work something out!

Now, enjoyable reading, with the hope of many great comments from you!